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December 2017 BARC VE Session Results

On the December 19, 2017 BARC VE session, two candidates upgraded and three passed  the Technician Amateur Radio exam.

Byron Johnson, KE4DDE, Ayden, NC, upgraded to Amateur Extra Class license and James Lowe, KN4GWZ, Grimesland, NC, upgraded to General.  Samuel Antolick, age 12, KN4IRI, Robert Antolick, KN4IRJ, Wilson, and Hgriberto BeceraBravo, KN4IRK, Jacksonville, NC, all passed the Technician exams.  Samuel got the best results missing only one question!  The FCC upgraded KE4DDE and KN4GWZ and new call signs were assigned on December 28, 2017.

Congratulations to all. 

The VE's that attended were VE Liaison Gary Coriell, KK4GC, Morris Lewis, AK4MU, Al Mullis, K4GOE, and Dave Langley, W4YDY.

The next regular BARC VE session is scheduled for February 20, 2018. - W4YDY

Bernie Nobles, WA4MOK, BARC Ham of the Year

Christmas Party and BARC 2017 Awards

2017hotywa4mok.jpg (50168 bytes)




Bernie Nobles, WA4MOK, (R) receiving BARC Ham of the Year plaque from BARC President Jeff Meyer, K4DKW.

A great time was had by all at the December BARC Christmas party whit the families participating.  As usual, there was very good food and many deserts. 

Awards were presented to BARC members at the December 12 Christmas Party.  The Ham of the Year plaque was earned by Bernie Nobles, WA4MOK.

Peer award certificates were awarded to OM of the Year (tie) John McCoy, K4KBB, and Dave Langley, W4YDY.  Linda Nobles received the YL of the Year and Elmer of the Year went to Dave Wood, W4EJ.  Mike Monteith, KM4OLT was selected New Ham of the Year. 

Volunteer certificates were awarded to Tom Parsons, W4TEP, Club Station Trustee; Pat Williams, KG4NSC, Public Relations/Publicity; Joe Jeansonne, WB4JOE, Ham Chatter Editor, Michael Monteith, KM4OLT, Web Site Editor and Dave Langley, W4YDY, Ham Chatter & Web Site Contributing Editor. 
Gary Coriell, KK4GC, received a certificate for Volunteer Examiner:(VE) Liaison.  Gary then presented certificates to VE Dave Langley, W4YDY.   The following VEs were not present, Morris Lewis, AK4MU, Dan Wallace, K4HMW, Byron Highland, K4BMH, Al Mullis, K4GOE, Gary Faust, N4PIR, and Richard Cox, K4CRD.

The following 2017 Officers were presented certificates.  President - Jeff Meyer, K4DKW, First Vice President; Dave Wood, W4EJ, Second Vice President; Dave Langley, W4YDY, Secretary; Albert Sanchez, WA7FXB, Treasurer; Terry Monday, K4ZYD, Trustee; Pat Williams, KG4NSC, and Trustee, Byron Highland, K4BMH.

2018 Dues

Membership dues for BARC are due January 1.  Those who have not paid their dues will not be listed on the roster and will be removed from the Ham Chatter mailing list starting in April. Membership dues are the same as they were in 2015 and are as follows: 

Regular Member $20.00
Family Member $2.00
Associate Member (Non-Licensed) $5.00
Honorary Member $0.00
New Hams: 18 and younger (1st year) $5.00
New Hams: 19 and older (1st year) $10.00

Please mail your dues, along with the member application form if there are any changes to: Brightleaf Amateur Radio Club, P.O. Box 8387, Greenville, NC 27835. We are requesting that you send the application form in so that we can have your correct information on file. The form can be downloaded from http://www.w4amc.com/application.pdf.

If anyone has any questions concerning their membership status or their dues, please email
Jeff Meyer, K4DKW, BARC Treasurer, at jeffreymeyer55 @ gmail.com (remove spaces in email address). 

Thank you for your support and participation in BARC.

Dash For Cash 2017

Sunday’s race 12/3/17 starting at 1 PM was held under clear skies and mild temperatures. The motley crew consisting of Cheryl KX4EC, Doug K4ROK, Jeff K4DKW, Gary N4PIR, Pat KG4NSC and Peter KG4WEZ met at the Greenville Town commons with the ARES trailer. Set up was easily done by turning on the radios and start talking. Jeff was placed at the first watering station and was given the tactical call sign “Dash1” followed by Gary at “Dash2”, Cheryl at “Dash3”, Doug at “Dash4” with Peter as Net control in the trailer at the finish line. As the race progressed, Gary and Cheryl were reassigned to the last part of the race course to allow a small crew to cover the entire 10 miles. Matt McMahon, WU2V, of Vidant Emergency Services loaned a Viper radio to net control to be able to pass messages to the medical support group. Matt also being a ham, had his HT on frequency as a backup. He will be bringing his communications trailer and speaking about emergency communications in 2018 at our February BARC meeting. The runners started in three shifts, the 10 milers, then the 5k and then the kids. Good communications were maintained on the 147.090 W4GDF repeater without problems (Thanks to the Pitt Co Repeater Association). The last runners crossed the line by 3:30 PM.  The after event debriefing was done at Applebee’s where serious discussions about the meaning of life was contemplated while drinking tea from Long Island (1$ specials). A good time was had by all. As net control, I would personally like to thank all involved for making this a seamless event and a good showing to the public. - Peter KG4WEZ.

dash2017-1.JPG (53048 bytes)dash2017-2.JPG (57245 bytes)


Winterville Historical and Arts Society Amateur Radio Demonstration
December 11, 2016

1WHSwez-ydy.jpg (40513 bytes)

Peter Van Houten, KG4WEZ, explains emergency trailer equipment to visitor while Dave, W4YDY looks on.







4WHSmok-ydy5.jpg (23901 bytes)

Working Amateur Radio portable stations set up by WA4MOK for Winterville Historical and Arts Society demonstration. 

Bernie Nobles, WA4MOK, left, Dave, W4YDY, right





3WHSmok-mic5.jpg (24259 bytes)

Bernie, WA4MOK, talking to stations in nearby states while visitor observes.  








6WHSmok-boy5.jpg (17767 bytes)

Bernie, WA4MOK, explains equipment and operation of Amateur Radio station to future ham and his mother.  He asked Bernie many questions about Amateur Radio.


Thanks to Leland Tucker, WB4RQG, Winterville Historical and Arts Society Vice President, for his assistance. 

Email from Leland, WB4RQG:
A huge thank you to the members of the Brightleaf Amateur Radio Club that made our open house such a success. Bernard, Dave and Peter made demonstrations and answered questions in a very professional manner and certainly may have inspired a new ham or two.  Again, on behalf of the Winterville Historical and Arts Society, thank you!

More pictures to be added later on the Picture page.
Photos by Leland, WB4RQG. 

New Email addresses at @w4amc.com

New email addresses using the w4amc.com domain have been added by Mike Monteith, KM4OLT, web site editor.  Dave Langley, W4YDY, VE Liaison can be reached by using ve @w4amc.comJoe Jeansonne, KB4JOE, Ham Chatter editor can be reached by using hamchatter @w4amc.com. The old barc @w4amc.com now goes to Mike Monteith, KM4OLT.  It did go to W4YDY when he was web site editor.  The president @w4amc.com goes to the club president.  (Remove the space before the @ sign in the addresses.)

W4AMC.COM Web Editor Change

Mike Monteith, KM4OLT, has assumed the BARC web site editor position from Dave Langley, W4YDY.  Mike switched it over to his account on March 4. Dave Pulver, KG4CZV, has maintained the account when it was switched to GoDaddy in 2006. The site was started almost 20 years ago in July 1996 by W4YDY.

You should see a great improvement in the looks of the site. You will see no change in the looks of the site at first. Mike is working on a new look. Most if not all content will still be there but some of the addresses may change.

From Mike’s biography on QRZ.COM, he has the following information:

"Computers - I've worked on PC since the original IBM PCs and XTs. I did system admin work for 18 years which includes HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Line, OS/2, and Windows.

"Programming - from previous jobs and curiosity, I've programmed in Basic, assembly, C, C++, C#, Pascal, Fortran, Java, and shell programming. I also started out making we pages when all you had was ftp and a text editor. Now I use pH, CSK, HTML, Java, JavaScript, and currently using Gumball for a lot of work."

Thanks to Mike for volunteering to help the club. He just got into Amateur Radio a few months ago but he is already stepping up to give back to Amateur Radio. We need more like him. - W4YDY

Joe Jeansonne, KB4JOE, Ham Chatter Editor

kb4joe-2.jpg (12160 bytes)Joe Jeansonne, KB4JOE, volunteered to take over the position of Ham Chatter Editor.  He started with the June 2015 issue.  He said he wanted to give back to Amateur Radio.    

Joe is the Networking Technology Coordinator at Pitt Community College and very experienced in computers and graphics. He received his Technician license, KK4FYK, in January 2012 and recently received the Vanity call sign, KB4JOE.  His wife, Kristen, is an RN at Physicians East in Winterville.  They live in Farmville. 

Please help him with articles and ideas for articles.  He welcomes your suggestions.

Thanks Joe for your service to BARC and Amateur Radio. 

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